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Healthy snacks kids love to eat

Our Delicious Range

Our range of quality 100% fruit snacks that are all about locked-in natural goodness and FUN!

Fruit Snails

Healthy treats that taste
delicious? S’nailed it!

Fruit Straws

The final straw! You’ll never want
to eat anything else.

Fruit Strings

Healthy treats that taste
delicious? S’nailed it!

We believe that the idea of play should be infused in everything that we do. That’s why we’ve created a platform for play that takes our little consumers on a quest of yummy discovery. But what if, instead of this quest taking place on another planet or world, it takes place inside kids’ tummies? In this way, Farm World combines playtime with education, teaching kids the importance of gut health, while having oodles of fun.

Pull it.
Snap it.
Play with it!

Pop them in the stroller, the car, the lunchbox – even the party packs! Think good health and learning served in small, bite-size chunks of goodness!

NO to:

Added cane sugar
Artificial flavourants
Artificial colourants

YES to:

Plant-based vegan
Locked-in natural goodness
Playing with your food!