Our story

We noticed that when it comes to finding delicious snack food for human hatchlings, it’s pretty much a zoo out there. So we decided to do something about it and started making healthy fruit snacks that are a whole lot of fun to play with. After all, growing big and strong takes hard work and Farm World’s collection of fun-filled fruit snacks are jammed with goodness to help fuel little people who are always on the go from ages 2 and up.

Raspberry pack shot
Apple basket

Our roots

Farm World is part of the Grassroots Group's stable. So although our brand is brand spanking new, we’ve actually been capturing South Africa’s sunny flavour in a wide range of choice grade dried fruit products since 1991.

See?! This is how our strings get from our farm to your fingers!

How we keep nature’s goodness in:

fruit trees

We pluck the fruit straight off the trees

arrow down
how it's made how it's made

We then pop it in a giant blender to make fruit puree

water extractor
how it's made

We then gently dehydrate or remove the water from the pulp

strings arrow

Creating a smooth paste that is then made through a magical process into looooong skinny strings (all the better to play with)

fruit machine

And there it is. Yummy and ready to graze, nibble, tangle or chew.




  • Our processing facility is BRC certified. 
  • Our products are Kosher and Halaal certified. 


  • Food business operator in South Africa.
  • PPECB (Perishable Product Export Control Board) Loading/shipping site.